Simon Russell-Baker, Duncan Macqueen and Shari Hall have come together to form a new, exciting and different trio called "Flashback".

Flashback’s vocal sweetness and stunning harmonies, accompanied by Simon’s keyboard skills, and Duncan's rhythmic grooves, give you soulful vocals, performing a large range of classic songs with the amazing Flashback twist.

They deliver songs you love, leaving the audience engaged and captivated.

About Simon:

Simon has over 30 years experience in the industry, performing on stage in musical theatre, piano bar gigs, duos and bands, around the world, including the USA, Nepal, Dubai, Germany the Philippines and, of course, all over Australia. He has crafted and honed his skills during this time and brings a fresh perspective to the songs they perform.

About Duncan:

Duncan has been a drummer for more years than he cares to remember and brings a wealth of experience to the show. He has played with many of the Motown greats and has travelled the world, playing in many bands with many different styles.

He even adds his voice to bring some brilliant three-part harmonies to the songs we do.

He is the awesome beat of Flashback and with him we can get you up and dancing for the night.

About Shari:

Originally from New York, Shari was raised in a family of musicians and has previously recorded 3 records in Nashville. A retired physician and owner of SCeNic Real Estate here on the Sunshine Coast, she is delighted to be the newest member of the Flashback Trio. An active member of the community, she is a regular contributor to Matters Magazine, an EmCee for local charity events, a former radio host on 106.5FM, and the proud mother of two beautiful children.